About Last Week…

“Writer, predator; what’s the difference?”

Words hurled at me in response to words hurled at another. I did not mean to hurl them; I meant to lob them gently in honour of a woman who inspired me to reflect on the consequences of our inclinations, and it backfired.

Guess you can’t dip your fingers in someone else’s honey without them asking you to wash your hands both before and after. Fair enough, I suppose.

I was compelled to join that woman’s parade, to fortify her outline with my words. The compulsion to make her a different kind of real—the kind of real that could be solidified and therefore shared—was an itch that grew unbearable the longer it went unscratched.

Writers have bad boundaries—maybe that’s why we’re writers and not therapists or doctors (like we could sober up long enough to make it through med school anyway).

So we don’t, generally, go to med school.

We bleed into you instead—friends, family, acquaintances, semi-strangers, utter strangers etc.—and then we withdraw to the privacy of ourselves to sample our beautiful extractions. We have a sense of what it means for I to become we; unfortunately it’s often not reciprocated as those around us fight to secure their privacy.

Sort of. Because if I’m folding the essence of another’s experience into my work it’s because it is, on some level, pinging off my own experience and emotions. I went through a similar door and am writing about symbiotic feelings; sometimes ‘mine’ feels like ‘ours’ just as ‘yours’ feels like ‘ours’ though our biographies may differ.

Last week’s blog was an example of this emotional/tactical stew. Some of the events reeled off in my state-of-play were biographical while others were not. Some were of-the-moment issues while others were not.

I was not thinking of the effect this confusion could have on the people around me. There was much concern and I was deeply touched by the people who reached out to me. I was also deeply embarrassed by my own oversite, and it led me—once again—to consider the weight of words and the responsibility of compiling, then sharing, those words with others. 

It’s not the first time I’ve felt shaken by the response to words I’ve committed to paper. Every question asked of me concerning the why and how and what’s going on has made me a better, more aware, more responsible writer.

But some days I still feel like a hack in wolf’s clothing.

I take crazy detours into my own and other people’s shadow side and I work out what I found with words.  I can never tell if I’m collecting pieces of history and heart from the boneyard of our collective humanity or if I’m merely a thief.

Or if, perhaps, I am nothing at all. There exists that possibility that the answer, much like the question, is neither here nor there and I can merely go on with collecting, digging, assessing, and reassembling as I see fit.

For now. Until my sense of responsibility must be brought to bear once more—most likely in the form of an emotional bitch-slap from indispensable familiars and gorgeous semi-strangers in my life, to whom I’m eternally indebted.

Life cannot capsize the human heart without permission, even the events that maimed us or threatened to sunder us heart from bone.  Words, however, have teeth of their own and can configure terrible moments into something that heals, haunts, or hurts.

Or provokes a discussion that leads onward and upward, both on the page and in life.

Words wield astonishing power, and that power must be used responsibly. But Jesus Christ that’s a tall and difficult order, and one I’m surely going to fail on occasion.

And I will give verbal and private thanks for all who show up to essentially ask me what the fuck?, forcing me to come to terms once again with what I’ve lobbed into their periphery…

15 thoughts on “About Last Week…

  1. Hats off to you girl! Seriously, this is brilliant! I loved every word you wrote and oh so true! This is a gift. Writing is a gift. Not everyone can do what we all do here, spill our guts!!!!!!! Well, mine ain’t pretty but they are mine! Yours however, I love them 🙂 You go girl!!! Love this one and you!

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    1. Thank you Lisa! Yes, we show up and spill our guts then figure out what’s what as we go along. 🙂 Love your writing and you too! Our meeting up was fortuitous. Have a wonderful day darling!

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  2. Hey, no worries, thanks for that beautiful, undulating, clarification essay (CE) you wrote above. Worth knowing and reading. Your tag line says it all too: “I write things. Lots of things!” Thank goodness…

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  3. If nothing else, you can be sure that what you write has an effect. People are reading your words, struggling to understand, shocked, energized, frightened and elated. Sounds like you’re doing an awesome job.
    I wanted to write a reaction to your last written pieces, but I did not feel I knew you well enough to even begin to interpret. Instead, I let the words wash over me, confident that I will get to know you well enough someday to not have to fight between what is real and what is not, between what is now and what was past, and between what comes from imagination and that place some refer to as reality .
    What I can say is that I enjoyed your words. Thank you.

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    1. Your words here are beautiful and touching Anthony. Thank you. I look forward to the time when you feel more comfortable commenting or asking questions. Our communication is an absolute delight to me. 🙂

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