Illian Rain
Writer, reader, editor, public service survivor. That last one is iffy.

About Illian Rain

After leaving the Professional Writing program at Concordia university I worked as a freelance editor and copywriter, proofreading academic papers and ghostwriting web articles and e-books for practitioners in the health, well-being, and self-help industry.

I also freelanced for the wonderful team at 6Degrés Communications proofreading, editing and refining French to English translation, and creating content for clients such as TelusHealth and Danone.

I’ve since let go of the handlebars to veer into territory both old and new and fully engage in a long-term creative writing project that makes my heart go pitter-patter.

Apparently I’m short. I don’t feel short and I don’t sound short, especially when I’m on to something good. There’s nothing wrong with going further, higher, or right out of bounds–and I’m an avid supporter of people inclined to such tendencies.

When not obsessing over words I’m writing or reading I’m prone to gardening, breaking a sweat, hanging with my loved ones, travelling, snuggling other people’s dogs as I haven’t one of my own, and/or scrabbling around for a pen and paper or my note taking app so I don’t forget what I’m thinking about.

And there’s always something to think about.