On a Lighter Note…

I have a love-hate relationship with being naked. You can take that literally and figuratively—God knows I do.

I had a deal once with a friend of mine—I get naked for photos and she includes a cat in hers. Wait—what? How did that happen?

Because—that’s how we’re each inclined and the idea of it nearly amused us to death whilst imbibing one night. Literally, I might add. She fell off the curb mid-giggle and was nearly flattened by oncoming traffic.
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Words Matter. Maybe Even Yours.

words matterI’ve been asked why I encourage other people to write regardless of training or background.

I do it for selfish reasons—one of those reasons is curiosity. Another is personal need—I need other people’s words in my life.

Reading and writing are doorways into worlds at once more honest and more poetic than moments hardened to habit by unlit fires. Words are abundant yet retain their value; cyphers and letters left lying about transmogrify into rabbit holes worth falling into, not the least because sometimes it’s the hardest falls that save your life. Continue reading “Words Matter. Maybe Even Yours.”

Writing Raw

Writing RawWords.

Carriers of thought and feeling that neither begin nor end with the offering of idea or sentiment. Creativity unfettered by discipline is chaos. Unsatisfying work is the hallmark of talent and potential unchecked by controls.

I don’t want to read such words today. Tomorrow could be a different story. Tomorrow could beg for a dose of frustration as my eyes stutter over badly scarred pages… Continue reading “Writing Raw”